Landsculpt, Inc.

Landsculpt provides creative expertise in landscape design and construction.
The firm specializes in all aspects of design, construction, maintenance, and renovation
of residential, commercial, and public landscapes.

Landsculpt began its creative journey in the early 1990's by exploring the relationship between landscapes and the people who inhabit them. The early study served as the foundation for the designs of Landsculpt's founder, Deborah Walker.

Set on the premise that a balanced environment has a positive effect on peoples lives and can serve to stimulate the imagination and open the heart, Deborah began to develop and produce a body of work. Her projects emphasize site sensitivity and the integration of the landscape and the architecture that exist together on the palette, showing meticulous attention to the details.

An undergraduate degree in Textiles from California College of the Arts and a graduate degree from the University of Washington, Department of Landscape Architecture including a Certificate in Urban Design, Deborah has assembled a team of craftspeople who precisely interpret her designs and enhance the lives of those who experience these built and natural environments.


Deborah Walker, MLA
The founder of Landsculpt and its hands-on chief designer, Deborah has a master's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Washington, with a certificate in urban design. Landscape design has been her passion for more than 30 years and her career for the past 20 years. She also holds a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Bringing together her experience in landscaping, world travel, and research, Deborah can create a balanced environment in almost any style you can imagine.