Landsculpt, Inc.

Our Philosophy:
Our approach is one of environmental care and consciousness.
Everything we use is organic. Whenever possible, we try to salvage unwanted plants — we would rather move something than cut it down and throw it away.

We at Landsculpt cultivate an extraordinarily respectful relationship to the land on which we work.
We don’t try to impose a stereotypical landscape or garden microclimate onto a piece of land where it wouldn’t fit. Landsculpt founder Deborah Walker has a remarkable ability to “read” a space with sensitivity and respect, and she approaches landscape design with a level of care and detail rarely seen elsewhere.

Everything has a relationship to everything else.
In landscaping, the plants we add have a relationship to the space, to the plants that already live there, and to each other — as well as to the house, the driveway, the swingset, the hot tub, the nearby lake. In other words, to everything. So when planting, we go beyond individual plants to create the ideal balance with all the other objects in that unique space.

A garden is a very active place — one that is constantly changing. Through responsible design, careful placement and careful pruning, we blend the elements to create a balance between nature’s wild urges and the human desire to design and control.

Our environments evolve through observation. Your feedback and involvement is valued at all stages of the environment-creation process.
People often think landscape design is simply a matter of sketching out a design and replicating it. If that is your preference, we can provide a design and complete it. But usually, our environments evolve through observation, placement, and your involvement. We place plants and other elements organically, and your opinions — what you love and what you want — are a crucial part of the process. Nothing is set in stone (except the stones, of course -- but even 300-pound rocks can be moved, if need be).